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On Meditation

Because of my strong interest in written language, I was obsessed with creating work with script and characters as early as my years at university. While printing on the letterpress, I became fond of the characters of etching and naturally chose to incorporate them into my creations. I love using techniques in my work years later. Is this a reflection of my own persistence or plain foolishness? The question goes unanswered.

In my early days of printing with moveable type, composing each wood block was still a game, but this period quickly faded away. When I re-examine the works from this naïve period, I am struck by how my haphazard compositions of the characters changed into my symbols of beauty in my eyes.

Evolving continuously over the past several years, these character symbols with random meanings fill the canvas like a meditation - a kind of discussion about anything and everything as well as the unspoken ideas that vividly appear from the surface to me. As one stands in front of my works, there are no words.



June 2007

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